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This is a list of the only bridge from the suspension bridge inventory crossing Tug Fork Big Sandy River. Please note that different rivers with the same name will be grouped together. For example, selecting 'Bear Creek' shows bridges across several different Bear Creeks. Also, similarly named rivers are grouped separately. For example, 'River Dee' (UK) bridges are grouped separately from 'Dee River' (Australia) bridges. Wherever you see a "Bridgemeister ID" number you can click it to isolate the bridge on its own page. Click here to go to the list of crossings.
1907 Vulcan
Vulcan, West Virginia and Pike County, Kentucky, USA (Tug Fork Big Sandy River)
Bridgemeister ID:2141
Main cables:Wire
Main span:400f
  • On Page 13 of the December 27, 1967 edition of West Virginia's The Charleston Gazette newspaper, there is a photograph of this footbridge with a Jeep driving across. The caption reads: "Pedestrian bridge at Vulcan... is used by vehicles because it provides a route over the Tug River to Kentucky. A citizen's group has complained that the bridge is not strong enough to support cars." The photograph accompanies an article "Road Reform Call Urged" that says the bridge is "regularly used by Jeeps and small cars." Note the date of the article, December 27, 1967 is 12 days after the Silver Bridge disaster at Point Pleasant, West Virginia.
  • Near (footbridge) - Vulcan, West Virginia and Pike County, Kentucky, USA. Although similar in appearance, these appear to have been different bridges.

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