Simatai Great Wall, Hebei Province, China

All photos by Eric Sakowski. Please do not reuse without permission. Eric writes: "The bridge was built to cross a low section of the wall that had been in disrepair or was destroyed years ago. The decision to build a bridge was probably motivated by the artificial creation of Mandarin Duck Lake which is actually a reservoir created by a few small dams (water gates) downstream of the Great Wall. Sadly, I got to the wall too late in the afternoon to have the time to hike down to the bridge as I wanted to hike up the East side of the Great Wall by sundown and with a 2000 foot elevation gain, I knew I was not even going to be able to go up and make it back down by sundown. As it was I was hiking in the dark for over an hour back to the parking area... Note the small A-frame shaped cable tower on the West side. Not sure how the cable is anchored on the East side where I took my photos from. The span is fairly sizable, probably in the 400+ foot range... Simatai Great Wall is 120km from downtown Beijing."





The following are extreme crops of Eric's photos above.





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