Delaware River - Barryville, New York and Shohola, Pennsylvania, USA

All photos by Cynthia Bellinger. Please do not reuse without permission. Cynthia sends these photos of some of the recent bridges crossing the Delaware at Barryville near the former location of the Shohola-Barryville suspension bridge. The truss bridge was completed in 1941 and has since been demolished (as can be seen below). The new bridge was completed in 2006.




Delaware Flooding at Barryville. Cynthia writes: "This past early summer [2006] we had a lot of flooding along the Delaware river. I am sending you a photo of the depth of the water under the old bridge. The new bridge that replaced it was in the process of being built when the flood waters rose. Some of the machines were covered with river water. The newest bridge was built along side the old one so that there would still be a way to cross the river into Pennsylvania. while the new one was going up. The newest bridge was made to be higher in case of future flooding. When they tore down the old bridge there was a sign that said 'Good bye Old Girl'."


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