St. Louis River - Jay Cooke State Park - Thomson, Minnesota, USA

Photographs showing family on the bridge are from two postcards, collection of David Denenberg. The other (blurrier) images are from a photograph taken of a historical display at the current (2006) bridge at Jay Cooke State Park. When I visited Jay Cooke State Park I noticed the original 1924 bridge pictured on the historical display (second image below) looked a lot like the unidentified bridge pictured on this postcard (first image below). Despite the strong similarities, there are a few differences visible in the images.

A favorite postcard that has long adorned the front page of


A photograph of part of a historical display at the present Jay Cooke State Park bridge.


This is another postcard that I purchased along with the first postcard.


These anchor bolts are visible in the photo of the family. I noticed similar anchor bolts at the current bridge.

pcjaycooke2-3.jpg   ddmnjaycookeanchor1.jpg

Compare the background and paths, toward the parked car.



The sign is different.

pcjaycooke2-5.jpg   ddmnjaycookeold2.jpg

The wire mesh running along the length of the deck is different.



The "saddle" where the cable passes over the tower looks identical.



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